Academic Writing

Most Common Punctuation Mistakes

Correct punctuation won’t help you grow your business or make friends. But if you don’t use the punctuation correctly, your article, blog, or thesis will appear like a sore thumb. People might ignore your punctuation mistakes but a checker will never do that. A grammatically correct essay always secures more marks than an essay that […]

They Ask Questions

Each class consists of students of different abilities. However, academic performance at the end of the year depends more on how hard the student is willing to work. The qualities and habits of a good student differentiate him or her from others. The most important of them is staying focused and helping others i.e., help […]

1. Study A Little, But Often

The New Year is getting closer – a time of miracles, joy, and cramming. No matter how sad it sounds. But don’t let the snowdrifts from textbooks; reports, and books hide you headlong. The main thing is to properly allocate your time to studies and celebrate the New Year wonderfully. Here are some tips for […]

Tips To Help You Complete The Dissertation

Writing a dissertation seems to be difficult and almost an impossible task for some students. It is the basic requirement for passing the degree and students know they won’t be able to do without it. Therefore, they struggle with dissertation writing and the end results are not satisfactory. However, in reality, everything is not as […]

How To Find A Job After Graduation

Studying at university is one of life’s most exciting adventures. However, when this time ends and students have to look for full-time jobs they face many challenges. But graduates have higher chances of securing a job than the ones who have not yet completed the degrees. Here are some tips for young people on how […]

Annotated Bibliography: Learn All About Writing It

What Is an Annotated Bibliography? A lot of students ask the question, what is an annotated bibliography? The issue mainly comes after a student has perfected the art of citation both in the APA and MLA formats. They then discover that they have to learn new formatting of annotated bibliography APA and annotated bibliography MLA. […]

How To Write An Autobiography

An autobiography essay is a nonfiction essay focused on your life. An autobiography essay is basically compressing your life experiences into few paragraphs. The idea behind it is to unfold life-changing events you’ve encountered and turned them into a narrative without sounding selfish or dull. You don’t have to write about all the experiences in […]

How to Write a Philosophy Paper

If one aspires after truth, then they need to learn how to write a good philosophy paper. A philosophy paper is an organization of knowledge that is used to generate new knowledge. And hence, the best philosophy of all is that which springs from within, and that the Master only plays the role of helping […]

Education Thesis Statements

Education is one of the powerful tools for transforming the world, and you may find different articles on the importance and value of education. With a higher popularity of the informal and formal education, we can find an increasing development of our society. However, as education has become one of the hot topics, the college […]

Ecotourism essay

From Elementary school to college, essay writing is a common task for every student. While some enjoy doing it, others frown when their teacher gives it as homework. Essay writing is not as difficult as you may picture it to be. Even though you have been coming out with embarrassing grades, you too can craft […]