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Why You Should Get the Team To Work With Your Project

Feeling All Alone with a Project? How to Get Workers to Function as a Team! It never fails. There is a big project that needs the collaboration of a team, and you find yourself being the director, the producer, and the actor on the stage of a production that needs contribution from everyone in the […]

Experts Predicting Future of Online Education

Technology and the future of online education – challenges The year 2016 is full in motion, and, as advancements in technology determine continuous changes, it’s difficult to anticipate what the future holds for the education sector. Nonetheless, a range of experts in this ever-changing field has dared to make a few predictions, concerning what can […]

NB! Your Health is Far More Important than Your Grades

As you are young, and you spend almost all of your day at school or completing your academic tasks, you may believe that there is nothing more important than your grades. In fact, your entire life has gravitated towards your grades and academic journey. But the truth is that there are much more valuable things, […]

From Superheroes to Wizardry – 9 Must-See Movies for 2016

Every year brings its promises of upcoming movies that will thrill their audiences. 2016 is no exception. Aficionados of super heroes, video games and wizardry/occult will not be disappointed this year – they will be rewarded with at least nine movies to feed their appetites for adventure, excitement and just plain weird. The Superhero Movies […]

What is a PhD?

If you are planning your educational future, you might be confused by the various types of degrees, majors, and other terminology that might be new for you. One common question students have is, what is a PhD? If you earn your Phd, you become a doctor of philosophy. Here’s where things get confusing. Becoming a […]

What Is so Important About College Education?

If you are a high school student, you may have reached that point in your life where you are wondering “Why is college important?” or “I have a high school diploma, should I really waste my time in college now when I could get a job instead?” Little do high school students know that those […]

Get a Scholarship as an Adult

Not everyone decides to go to college the moment they graduate from high school. Reasons may differ from one student to another: they couldn’t cover their tuition, they had to get employed right away, or they simply did not get accepted at their college of choice. Nevertheless, many of the adults nowadays have realized that […]