Students have to compose a tremendous variety of essays and each is unique in its own way. Thus, a comparative essay is captivating and sometimes, challenging assignment. It makes students conduct some good research to reveal the main question of the project. This article explains how to write a comparative essay.

To understand how to complete any task you should know its definition. The name of this essay speaks for itself. It’s necessary to “compare” something. It’s understood that a researcher ought to take at least two somehow related objects. The first target is to identify their similarities. Afterward, it’s required to reveal their differences. Therefore, a researcher must likewise apply a contrasting method to show how different two objects are.

Choosing a topic for a comparative essay

The success of any academic project strongly depends on the main theme. Luckily, your choice is very rich because it’s allowed comparing any objects, disciplines, qualities, and something of the kind. Thus, you’re welcome to compare two religions, political directions, economic tendencies, etc. You should simply remember your objects ought to have both similarities and differences.

Of course, your comparison is supposed to be important for your audience. Identify what your potential readers would like to read about. Afterward, generate possible ideas about your topic. Choose a certain direction and write down all the concepts occurring to your mind. Your readers expect something interesting. Therefore, try to reveal the qualities of two objects from a different angle. Be as creative as possible.

For example, you can compare the life of Christians and Buddhists. These are two religions and it’s their main similarity. If you dig deeper, you’ll find a lot in common because all religions have multiple similar beliefs. Of course, these religions likewise contrast one another. Therefore, such a topic is interesting and has some food to chew on.

Writing your project

Once you determine the topic, gather evidence. These should be some official and trustworthy facts, statistics, surveys, etc. Always verify the information you want to use in your essays. Decide what facts to implement and when. Make sure they are meaningful and fully suit the chosen topic.

Your introduction should provide general data about your topic. Tell that people are religious and believe in God. Explain why their belief is so important. Afterward, implement a thesis statement.

The main body is the direct continuation of your thesis. Stuff it with clear examples and explanations. Don’t cover too many aspects in a single paragraph. It’s better to cover one sub-thesis at a time. Try to be concise and don’t write too long sentences. Avoid the use of too many unknown words.

Your conclusion should summarize the entire research. Repeat your thesis with other words and provide the outcomes. Finally, give your own opinion concerning the outcomes and the topic in general.

Stick to these tips and you’ll complete the essay successfully. Of course, don’t forget to learn more details about how to accomplish each step properly.


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