How to Write a Narrative Essay Step by Step

There are many guidelines on how to write a narrative essay, but there is a basic structure to follow. There are four main parts of the story: Characters, Plot, Conflict, and Dialogue. The introduction should contain provocative information, such as the time and place of the story. In the next paragraph, include a list of the key points that you […]

How to Write a Synthesis Essay

As a synthesis essay, you must combine your original thinking and analysis with your own personal thoughts. In this format, you will have more commentary in your essay than evidence. In the commentary, you explain how the evidence relates to the thesis statement. Commentary can be helpful if you have personal experience with the topic. Your own experience will help […]

How to Write Argumentative Essays

If you’re wondering how to write argumentative essays, the following tips will help you with the task. These tips cover the topics that you should choose, deciding on a thesis statement, lining up the body of your essay, and finding sources for your essay. Read on to learn more. Getting started on an argumentative essay is easier than you might […]

How to Write Essays

One of the most common questions that students ask when writing an essay is how to structure it. There are three basic parts of an essay: the Introduction, Body paragraphs, and the Conclusion. In this article, we’ll outline each of these in more detail. Read on to learn how to write an effective essay! You’ll be glad you did! And […]

How to Write a Persuasive Essay

To learn how to write a persuasive essay, you should start by choosing an attractive topic. Creating an intriguing title and strong beginning will catch the attention of your reader. Remember that persuasive writing requires careful use of language and a unique approach depending on the audience. There are several persuasive essay topics available on the internet that can help […]

How to Write a Synthesis Essay

There are several types of synthesis essays, and learning how to write one is essential to the success of your academic career. In this article, we will discuss the elements and structure of a synthesis essay, how to create an outline, and examples of successful synthesis essays. These tips will help you craft a compelling synthesis essay. After reading this […]

How to Write a Comparison and Contrast Essay

In this article we’ll take a look at the Structure of a comparison and contrast essay, Signal words and examples. You’ll learn how to write a comparison and contrast essay that is effective for a wide range of audiences. Read on to learn more! To write an effective comparison and contrast essay, you should choose your topic carefully. It should […]